Specialized in green processing to firing fine ceramics, we aim for increasing our global presence.

Our Strength

Ceramics has growing needs as a material which is imperative in many areas
including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machinery, chemical and high temperature and electrical parts.
We would like to increase our global presence as a company specialized in fine ceramics.



Haing NC lathes and machining centers provided, we are capable of optimum ceramic processing for different sizes and forms. Also an atmospheric furnace incorporated, we boast integrated manufacture.
The liftable, high-temperature, atmospheric furnace is optimized for fine alumina to realize shortening the firing period while maintaining the quality. We have also bolstered inspection by various equipments and the inspection system.


Our ceramic products feature 99.5%-authentic alumina, and we are good at small and complex high-precision machining. We have demonstrated meeting our customers’ various needs for prototyping, development, small-lot production from one piece, quality improvement and cost reduction.


We provide ceramic metric threads, unified threads, free-sized threads and special threads. Free selection is available such as pan, flat, hexagon (bolt), hexagon socket (cap bolt), pan (head gas hole), etc. Materials are alumina, zirconia, etc. Sizes are also free from M1-neck.


We integrate ceramic manufacture from processing to firing.
We strive to reduce post-firing polishing costs by thorough high-precision processing.
We also realized greatly shortening the firing period by a designated furnace for 99.5%-authentic alumina.