We have lined up a variety of processors including NC lathes and machining centers and are capable of the optimum ceramic processing. We have an atmospheric furnace for integrated manufacture from processing to firing. The liftable,high-temperature, atmospheric furnace is optimized for fine alumina to realize shortening the firing period while maintaining the quality.
We have also bolstered inspection by various equipments and the inspection system.


Machine Name Manufacturer Specifications Number of Units
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-100MY 2
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-100-Ⅱ 1
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-100SG 2
CNC Lathe Mazak SQT-100 1
CNC Lathe Mazak QTN-150-Ⅱ 1
CNC Lathe Mazak SQT-200 1
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-200M 1
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-200MY 3
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-200S 1
CNC Lathe Mazak QT-P100SG 4
Multitasking Machine OKUMA B300Ⅱ 2
Division FIRST GIKEN 1
Machining Center Mazak NEXUS 410B 1
Machining Center Mazak VCN-530C 1
Machining Center OKK VM4Ⅲ 1
Machining Center OKK VM53R 1
Machining Center TOYO SEIKI TV313S 1
Machining Center TOYO SEIKI TV313M 2
Machining Center TOYO SEIKI TV324S 4
Machining Center Brother S1000X1N 1
Machining Center Brother S500X2 4
Machining Center FANUC ROBODRILL 1
Machining Center OKUMA MILLAC561VⅡ 1
Dry-ship KOBELCO Rubber type powder molding machine 1
Elevated high-temperature atmospheric furnace 1,600° 1
High-temperature atmospheric reactor 1,600° 8
UV Laser Marker KEYENCE 1
Measuring instruments
2D Image Measuring Instruments NICON NEXIV VMZ-R3020 1
2D Image Measuring Instruments KEYENCE 8
3D Image Measuring Instruments KEYENCE Handy Probe 3D Measuring Instrument 1
2D Image Measuring Instruments Nippon Vision Engineering 1
microscope(SEM) KEYENCE VHX-7000、VHX-D500 1

As of March 2022

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